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Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness Skills



*Shares, takes turns and plays cooperatively with other children

*Is curious, interested and willing to try new things

*Adapts to new situations 

*Takes responsibility for personal self-care routines EX. Hand washing and toileting

*Separates from caregiver to other trusted adult

*Uses four to six word sentences



*Expresses basic emotions EX: happy, sad, mad, or scared

*Recognizes similarities and differences in self and others EX: boy or girl

*Completes a task such as working a puzzle

*Steers a tricycle, balances on a beam 

*Uses Scissors correctly 

*Follows basic safety rules and routines



*Focuses and pays attention during story time

*Correctly grips the pencil, crayon, or paint brush

*Makes a variety of lines and shapes such as a circle, lay down line, square and triangle

*Using number and letter like forms and/or drawings to represent ideas 

*Tosses or throws the balls

*Explores drawing with crayon and markers



*Catches ball with hands

*Tells increasingly detailed stories or ideas

*Listens, tells, and engages in a story being read

*Participates in singing songs and saying rhymes

*Retells stories from favorite books and personal experiences

*Holds books right side up, turns pages one at a time from front to back

*Recognizes and names familiar shapes such as square, triangle, circle, and rectangle

*Recognizes and names these five colors: red, blue, yellow, green, and black



*Kicks moving ball while running

*Recognizes bring they seen in their everyday life EX: stop sign, logos for Wal-Mart and McDonald’s

*Recognizes and names some letters of the alphabet, especially in their         own name

*Is aware of familiar buildings and special places in the community such as home, school, grocery store, and park



*Gallops, slides, hops, leaps, and skips

*Counts in sequence up to 20

*Counts objects using one number for each object

*Preforms three-step directions

*Comprehends who, what, why, and where questions

*Using four to six word sentences



*Engages in memory games such as, “What’s Missing” and simple memory matching card games

*Produces the correct sounds for some of the letters of the alphabet

*Recognizes numerals 1-10

*Recognizes up to four objects in a group without counting



*Pours liquid without spilling and builds with Legos or blocks

*Writes some letters correctly, especially those in own name

*Sorts objects by color, shape, and size

*Recognizes and repeats patterns such as triangle, square, triangle, square